Mental health needs

Our Community Support Project provides a dedicated advice and support service for people with mental health needs, their families and carers.

The service is provided in accessible locations, and the advisers are trained and experienced in attending to the needs of mental health service users.

The service is available through referral from mental health service providers and by direct access by clients.

For clients, appointments are made where appropriate through the telephone line (0808 2787 801) or through the video drop-in sessions.

Ms J is 36 years old and was seen by our adviser at home. She is single, living in rented accommodation and claiming incapacity benefit on the basis of her longstanding mental health condition. She was in receipt of Disability Living Allowance because of her need for supervision.

In February her partner of 6 years left triggering a worsening of her condition; as she stopped taking her medication and withdrew from support services. Ms J ignored correspondence and failed to attend a medical examination to assess continued entitlement to benefit.

In May the benefit stopped and in June the landlord served notice to seek possession. She contacted the crisis team who recognised the urgency of need and referred Ms J to our specialist team. Our caseworker was able to fast track a new claim and arrange for backdating of all benefits. As a result, Ms J has no arrears of rent or council tax and is up to date with her other bills.